FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Baggage - What is the free baggage allowance on Turkmenistan Airlines?

This depends on the Travel Class and Destination, in general:

To and from Turkmenistan (Ashgabat):

Economy Class 20 kgs
Business Class 50 kgs

To and from India (Amritsar and Delhi):

Economy Class 40 kgs
Business Class 50 kgs

To and from Thailand (Bangkok):

Economy Class 25 kgs
Business Class 50 kgs

Please check your ticket which states the baggage allowance. Please note that the baggage allowance is including 5 kgs of hand luggage. One 
bag should not weight more than 30 kgs.

The passenger can take excess baggage if there is availability and the fees have been paid. In general
the excess baggage fee is around USD 15,- per kg.

Please contact us to get a full copy of Turkmenistan Airlines baggage rules & regulations. All information is subject to change without prior notice.


When does the Check-in opens?  This depends per station but in general:

International Flights : 3 hours prior to departure
Domestic Flights: 2 hours prior to departure

Online check-in is not possible at the moment. If you have any seat preference please inform the check-in staff upon check-in.

Special Meals -

Go to Special Meals for more information

Transport of Animals

It is not allowed to carry animals in the cabin. You can check in your dog or cat in an approved animal transport box if
they have a valid medical passport. Fees to be paid vary but in general vary between € 7,- to € 10,- per kg.  Please check the 
local authorities regulations as well regarding the transport of animals.

All provided information is subject to change and can be change withour prior notice by the airline. We cannot be held liable
for any changes.